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BAHSYS test laboratory: Testing what “the stuff” holds

The BAHSYS testing laboratory not only ensures the quality of BARLOG Plastics’ materials, but also acts as an independent testing laboratory in the plastics sector – from material and failure analysis to development-related and regulatory tests and

usability tests. The focus is on customized solution development and product improvement, precisely tailored to the customer’s task and intended use.

Expert knowledge, solution orientation and practical recommendations for action

Originally founded as quality assurance for BARLOG Plastics’ materials, the BAHSYS testing laboratory uses its in-depth expertise in plastics technology for all tasks in materials and component testing. Whether in the automotive, furniture, packaging or electrical industry, whether in the household and sanitary sector or in plastics recycling – the focus of all tests and consultations is on fast and targeted solutions. The BAHSYS laboratory employees draw on the entire experience and expertise of the BARLOG Group across all companies.

New to the BAHSYS testing laboratory is the analysis of material data for injection molding simulation, which includes in particular flow behavior and properties as a function of temperature. The special feature: Data determination and simulation take place under one roof – tailored to the individual needs of customers. In this process, the laboratory staff, in cooperation with the responsible application engineers from BAHSYS, analyze the expectations of the simulation and determine the material data to the appropriate extent. This saves the customer money and time and provides him with an optimum result that meets his requirements.

BAHSYS test laboratory: Solution-oriented consulting and suitable plastics solutions

The BARLOG Group has many years of experience and expertise in the processing of engineering plastics. In the BAHSYS test laboratory, this knowledge is used for quality assurance, problem solving and product optimization. When it comes to processing issues, the lab staff can draw on the technical expertise of the application engineers, and when it comes to design and test setups, they can draw on the experience of the toolmakers within the company. More than 300 materials from BARLOG Plastics are available to the test laboratory for comparative tests. This makes it possible to react quickly and cost-effectively in the material and damage analyses and to implement an improved solution.

This was the case, for example, with a component from the food industry where processing problems were identified within the damage analysis: The plastic parts broke and partially got into the food. As this was an ongoing series, a particularly fast solution was required. Analysis of the damaged part indicated a processing error, which was confirmed by a process analysis of the injection molding process. Subsequently, the manufacturing process was optimized under the guidance of the test laboratory and the product was used without any problems.

Damage analyses can often be avoided if tests accompanying development and usability tests are carried out at an early stage. To this end, BAHSYS first produces injection-molded test specimens which, depending on the task in hand, are tested in the test laboratory using suitable methods to determine their subsequent use.

The procedure can be optimally described using the example of the XBAR3 sports equipment (see picture): BAHSYS first produced a prototype using the injection molding process. The device was then tested for strength, durability and comfort in a specially built test rig.

The result: a weak point on the handle. This could be eliminated quickly and cost-effectively thanks to the development-accompanying testing. The sports equipment is now successfully on the market and meets the high demands in terms of durability, intended use and comfort.

The BAHSYS test laboratory provides its customers with solution-oriented and independent support during product development and monitoring, as well as optimization and troubleshooting. The services also include advice on necessary regulatory tests that apply to the use of plastics.

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