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BAHSYS expands injection molding production

With the installation of a new injection molding machine with a clamping force of 450 tons, BAHSYS has increased the number of machines for the production of injection-molded prototypes and small series to 14. The possible product spectrum now ranges from micro injection molding to large-volume components with a shot weight of over 2 kg, and from standard plastics to high-performance plastics, such as PEEK or LSR.


With the installation of a new ENGEL-duo machine with a clamping force of 450 tons, BAHSYS has now expanded its injection molding production to 14 injection molding machines.

The machine capacity for the production of injection molded prototypes as well as for the production of small series was thus increased in order to meet the increased demand from the market and the successful development of the protosys (R) business area.

BAHSYS now has injection molding machines from 6 tons to 450 tons clamping force and can thus produce components with a shot weight of a few micrograms to over 2 kg. The materials portfolio ranges from standard thermoplastics, such as PE and PP, to engineering plastics, such as POM, PBT or PA, to high-performance plastics, such as PPA, PPS, LCP or PEEK. Particularly noteworthy is the ability to develop customized materials and use functionalized plastics, such as thermally conductive, electromagnetically shielding, detectable or magnetizable compounds, within the BARLOG Group.

In the protosys rapid tooling process, unreinforced and glass- or carbon fiber-reinforced materials can be processed into prototypes and small series – even high degrees of reinforcement up to 70% glass fibers are possible. In conjunction with the materials specialists at BARLOG Plastics GmbH and the services of the CAE division (CAE = Computer Aided Engineering, in this case specifically: FE injection molding simulation and FE structure analyses), BAHSYS is thus particularly well suited as a partner for the development of high-performance structural components, e.g. as metal substitutes.

Another focus of prototype and small series production are flexible plastics, here in particular TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) and LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber). BAHSYS also has know-how and appropriate equipment in this area, e.g. 2 injection molding machines for processing LSR and a 2K machine, e.g. for hard-soft bonds with TPE’s.

With its rapid tooling process, the protosys(R) business unit offers the possibility of producing prototypes in series quality very quickly and cost-effectively, thus significantly shortening development processes and thus the time-to-market for new products with plastic components. In addition, prototsys(R) makes the injection molding process competitive even for small quantities and thus represents a real alternative to 3D printing – especially with regard to the possible material variety and mechanical resilience of the plastic parts.

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