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Overath, 24. November 2020 BAHSYS GmbH and BARLOG Plastics GmbH are merging. BAHSYS GmbH is regarded as an experienced provider of problem solutions for the entire plastics industry, from support in the development of initial design ideas to competent assistance in entering large-scale production, while BARLOG Plastics GmbH is a renowned expert with decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of high-performance polymers for use in particularly high-quality plastic products. Both companies are based in Overath near Cologne. With the effective date of the commercial register entry on November 16, 2020, they will continue to operate under the umbrella of BARLOG Plastics GmbH. BARLOG Plastics GmbH will assume all rights and obligations of the former sister company retroactively until January 1, 2020.

By merging the previously separate activities under a single roof, the management is following the perception of many partners in the plastics industry, who have come to see the two companies more and more as a single entity – not least because their offerings had become increasingly effectively intertwined.

For customers, the merger, which has been planned and prepared in detail since 2019, will indeed change little, apart from various organizational simplifications. The comprehensive range of closely coordinated services and the contact persons will remain the same.

Ever-improving technology required ever-closer cooperation

“BAHSYS GmbH was founded about 12 years ago as an independent company in order to sharply separate the service expertise it bundled from the previous materials business,” explains Boris Korlatzki, commercial director of BARLOG Plastics GmbH. “However, with the increasing development of plastics processing technology and our expertise, it became apparent that the offerings of the two companies needed to be much more closely intertwined in the interests of our customers than was initially thought. Anyone who depends on economically competitive production processes and high product quality, for example, can no longer see design and material selection as separate from process development.”

Towards the end of the past decade at the latest, it therefore became clear: action was needed here. “Our claim has always been to provide our customers with the best possible support from the idea to series production, from feasibility studies, material selection and the construction of initial prototypes, through toolmaking and injection molding, to pre-series production and process development,” says Boris Korlatzki, summarizing a small part of BARLOG’s comprehensive range of services. “This can now be done much more smoothly than before without passing the baton from one part of the ‘Barlog Group’ to the other.”

Getting results faster without “passing the baton”

BARLOG Plastics CFO Korlatzki, who is also responsible internally for business organization, cites the operation of the in-house analysis laboratory as one example of many frictional losses that have now been eliminated. This was assigned to the former BAHSYS GmbH, but also devoted a large part of its work to material samples from the sister company – in return for invoices that are now no longer required.

But also externally, the splitting of the BARLOG cosmos into two parts, each with its own administration, up to its own account assignment and invoicing, with ultimately a joint market presence, recently raised questions with customers, which have now been resolved.

Employees are now pulling even more strongly together

“Where we previously drove with the handbrake on, we are now switching on the turbo,” Korlatzki emphasizes. “On the one hand, because the merger means that our customers will get their results even faster than before. At the same time, we are taking the decision as an opportunity to optimize the company even further, for example by introducing a joint, new merchandise management system. This, too, will make us an even more powerful and agile partner for our customers.”

“Above all, however, I am hoping for a boost of energy from the joint, new spirit of the BARLOG employees, who have been acting separately up to now, and who will now pull together even more than before. This can only be good for our customers,” says Korlatzki.

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