BARLOG Plastics manufactures key components for Löwenstein Medical protective breathing masks in a rush process

Within just 3 weeks, BARLOG Plastics GmbH was able to manufacture several thousand components for respiratory protection masks to combat the Corona pandemic on behalf of Löwenstein Medical. The rapid tooling process was used, which makes it possible to produce plastic components in series quality from approved materials within a very short time in accordance with the necessary standards.

Respirators are an important part of protecting medical personnel from Corona viruses and are therefore essential for the functioning of our healthcare system during the Corona pandemic. The additional demand for MNS and FFP protective masks is leading to acute supply shortages, which the EU Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Health have also launched various initiatives to combat. Many industry players have offered their support - from automotive groups and plastics processors to universities and private 3D printer owners. However, the fact that no compromises must be made in terms of safety has been clear at the latest since it became known that a consignment of over one million FFP2 protective masks from China did not meet the strict quality requirements.

As a specialist in respiratory equipment, Löwenstein Medical has the necessary expertise to develop respiratory protection masks in a rush to combat the supply shortage and to carry out the necessary approval tests quickly and reliably. Since combating the Corona crisis is not only a matter of safety, but also of speed, Löwenstein Medical went in search of a development partner who could produce the required plastic parts in large quantities from approved materials within a very short time.

They found what they were looking for at BARLOG Plastics GmbH. Within only 3 weeks after the order was placed, BARLOG produced two injection molds using the rapid tooling process and manufactured 4,000 parts each, which will initially be installed in masks worn by employees of the Löwenstein Group. This mask is the subject of an application for special approval in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

"We are proud to be able to support one of the leading suppliers in bringing urgently needed products to the market quickly and safely, and thus to be able to contribute to the fight against the Corona pandemic with our expertise," said Frank Barlog, Managing Director of BARLOG Plastics GmbH. "This project impressively illustrates the strengths of our rapid tooling process, namely being able to produce plastic components in series quality from approved materials within a very short time in accordance with the necessary standards."

BARLOG Plastics uses the Rapid Tooling process to process more than 300 customer projects each year - ranging from food packaging, household electrical appliances and automotive components to medical technology - processing a wide range of thermoplastics from PE to PEEK and from TPE to LSR. In addition to the high speed of the rapid tooling process, the holistic cooperation with other specialist departments , such as CAE services, CT metrology, test laboratory or material development, is a particularly important success factor in helping customers to bring their products to market as quickly as possible.